Canadian Armed Forces

Arma 3 Mod-Pack
Arma 3 Mod-Pack

Your donations will help us improve the mod: 3D model purchases, server fees, and the tools required for all aspect of TFC.

Since 2007

Canadian mod started as Operation North Star (ONS) in 2007, and merged with CAF mod in 2018. The merge branded as Task Force Canada (TFC) which is progressing to become a full blown Canadian mod for ArmA 3.

About us

Task Force Canada is a small mod team based mostly in Canada, developing the Canadian Armed Forces – Task Force Canada mod for the Bohemia Interactive military simulator ArmA 3.

Wanna help?

TFC is always looking for people having modelling, scripting, texturing and configuring skills. Join us on Discord to discuss your contribution(s).

Arma 3 units using this mod:

7 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (7CMBG)

Canadian Grenadier Guards (CGG)


Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CEF)

Bringing the Canadian Armed Forces to Arma